Current Lab Members

Ana Valeria Barros de Castro

Senior Staff Scientist (2016-)
It is humbling for me, and awe-inspiring, to realize that we have caught the first glimpse of our own instruction book, previously known only to God. - Francis Collins

Houtan Noushmehr

Principal Investigator (2012 - )
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Indrani Datta

Bioinformatician (2019-)

Jim M Snyder

Clinical Neuro-Oncologist (2016-)

Karam Asmaro

Resident Neurosurgeon (2019-)

Maritza Queiroz Salas Mosella

PhD Student (2015-)

Michael Wells

Research Programmer (2018-)

Mircea Tesileanu

Bioinformatician (2020-)

She Ruicong (Ricky)

Bioinformatician (2019-)

Thaís Sarraf Sabedot

Research Scientist (2012-)
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Collaborators and Consortiums

Ian Lee

Senior Neurosurgeon

Brain-LBC (Brain Liquid Biopsy Consortium)


GLASS (Glioma Longitudinal AnalySiS) Consortium


Hermelin Brain Tumor Center (HBTC)


ICOM (International Consortium of Meningioma)


Tobias Walbert

Clinical Neuro-Oncologist

Simone Niclou

Professor Luxembourg Institute of Health

Pim French

Professor - Erasmus Medical Center


Professor of Pathology - University of Hong Kong

TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) Research Network


Laila Poisson

Associate Scientist

Martin van den Bent

Professor - Erasmus Medical Center

Ana deCarvalho

Associate Scientist

Antonio Iavarone

Professor at Columbia University

Current and Previous Funding Support

University of São Paulo (USP)

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)

National Institutes of Health

Henry Ford Health System

Hermelin Brain Tumor Center (HBTC)


Department of Defense Medical Research

Philanthropy Support

Previous Lab Members (Alumni)

Camila Ferreira de Souza

Post-Doctor Fellow (2014-2018)

Emerson Urushibata

Undergraduate Research Fellow (2013-2015)

Felipe Segato

Undergraduate Research Fellow | Research Programmer (2014-2018)

Fernanda Carvalho

PhD Student (2014-2015)

Jessica Temporal

Undergraduate Research Fellow (2013-2015)
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Marcos Abraão de Souza Fonseca

Post-Doctor Fellow (2015-2018)

Mikely Fernanda Saraiva da Silva

Undergraduate Research Fellow (2013-2015)

Natalia Cruz

Undergraduate Research Fellow (2013-2015)

Simon Coetzee

Data management coordinator (2011-2014)
It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future. -Yogi Berra

Tarcísio Giroldo

Undergraduate Research Fellow (2013-2015)

Tathiane Maistro Malta Pereira

Post-Doctor Fellow (2012-2019)

Tiago Chedraoui Silva

Masters Student | PhD Student | Post-Doctor Fellow (2014-2020)

Victor Hugo Calegari de Toledo

Undergraduate Research Fellow (2015-2016)

Virginia Wagatsuma

Post-Doctor Fellow (2013-2014)