Goals and Missions


 To promote collaboration between Latin American research community with the broader Bioconductor community by encouraging greater use of the Bioconductor open source software packages for data analysis.

*   To gather together Latin American professionals, students and institutions interested in analyzing genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, transcriptomics e metabolomics data (i.e. data generated from microarrays, sequencing and other high throughput technologies) utilizing open source tools in Bioinformatics and are in agreement with open source community philosophy.
*   To foster Latin American students and researchers to develop open source software and contribute to the repository of the broader Bioconductor software packages.
*   To train Latin American students and researchers on computational and statistical methods for the analysis of genomics, epigenomics, proteomics and transcriptomics data.
Find Meaning in Biological Data Black_White*   To provide technical and professionalizing courses developed specifically for Latin American institutions in collaboration with non Latin American institutions in Bioinformatics and in the use of Bioconductor software packages for undergraduate and graduate levels..
*   To provide didactic materials from administered academic courses provided for Latin American institutions.

R/Bioconductor training course

R/Bioconductor training course

*   To establish programs and joint actions within Latin American scientific and academic institutions and between non Latin American scientific and academic institutions in the fields of Bioinformatics and Bioconductor.
*   To promote meetings, congresses, symposia, courses and publications providing basic and advanced knowledge and information in the use of Bioinformatics by applying and developing open source software packages in the broader Bioconductor community.
*   To collaborate with governmental services through, but not limited to, government and private grants in developing programs that require the knowledge in bioinformatics through the promotion of training, fellowships, consultant services, courses, fairs to the lay community.
*   To promote better utilization and distribution of scientific staff in Bioinformatics field and planning the training of specialists needed to develop the countries.
*   To encourage and facilitate partnerships between academic and industry in order to train skilled bioinformaticians geared for biotechnology.