About Us

​We are excited to share with you ​a new​ scientific​ initiative​ we created​ to represent and expand Bioconductor’s community resources (bioconductor.org) to the scientific research community​ here​ in Latin America. Our new non-profit foundation is called LAb (Latin American Bioconductor) and on August 25, 2014 at 7pm we officially inaugurated the foundation.

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​We have several key objectives and goals to be achieved by our new formal organization.​​​

  • ​Partner with key research institutions across Latin America through shared grant proposals.​
  • ​​Sponsor and promote focused activities to enhance and train molecular biologists the art of ​​bioinformatics.​
  • ​​Create a Latin American scientific forum (online) for proper discussions and advancements of​ ​novel bioinformatic tools​​​.​​
  • ​​​Provide research and training opportunities with laboratory partners throughout Latin America ​​for students and post-docs interested in genomics and epigenomics research. ​

​​We expect the goals for this new foundation will be achieved through organized workshops, ​​​​courses and scientific meetings​; similar to the ones many of you have participated in the la​​st 12 months (organized and administered by Drs. Benilton Carvalho and Houtan Noushmehr).

Checkout our Prezi Presentation to learn a bit more about the LAb, Logo and Members:

Benefits of membersip:

Benefits of becoming a Member gives you ​​discounts to our upcoming courses, workshops and any scientific meeting we organize plus we ​​will provide travel support for deserving members to attend workshops in Latin America and ​​abroad. Plus your Membership will provide needed support to help us organize and manage ​​annual events across Latin America. We also expect to provide bioinformatics support for the ​​Latin American community through organized online services, a special program which will be ​​announced later this year. ​

​​We hope you share our excitement for this new foundation and we look forward to having you as ​​our member.​


Houtan Noushmehr & Benilton Carvalho
Founders of LAb Foundation


Latin America is defined by countries bordering the 4 most common subregions in the western hemisphere (North America, Central America, Caribbean and South America) and the official country’s language is either Portuguese or Spanish.

Flags_south_americaHerein, countries included as defined by Latin America(n) in this document: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Location of the administration:

Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil.

Official Language:

In order to stimulate and promote collaboration both among Latin American institutions and non Latin American institutions, the official language of the foundation is English.


Membership is open to anyone from around the world who believes, support, promote, and foster the goals and aims of this foundation.


https://lab.foundation or http://labfound.org

Founding Members:

Houtan Noushmehr (BRA), Benilton Carvalho (BRA), Martin Morgan (USA), Sean Davis (USA), Herve Pages (USA), Wilson Araujo Silva Jr. (BRA), Ana Tereza (BRA), Guilherme Oliveira (BRA), Simon Coetzee (BRA), Ana Valeria Barros de Castro (BRA), Reza Kalhor (USA), Tathiane Pereira (BRA), Virginia Mara Wagatsuma (BRA), David Marcos Antonio Santos (BRA), Emerson Urushibata, Thais Sabedot Sarraff, Jessica Temporal, Natalia Cruz, Barbara, Tarcisio, Joao, Rodrigo, Sathya, Mariana, Mikely, Felipe Silva, and the rest of the students and staff involved in the X Summer Bioinformatics Course, 2014 (see attachment)